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2) If I go with Libre Office (or even the latest Open Office), will I still be able to use my documents without problems? Just watch for file format extensions if you change products; and be sure to either convert or re-save to the file format (file extension) that you need.These days, I know not to save files in whatever native proprietary format the product defaultly saves into. I will now be sure to save mine as DOC or DOCX (if this is available).It is not the formats that either Open Office or Libre Office use that are proprietary, they are open source just like the software.All of the MS-Office file formats are proprietary, but they're "open secret" proprietary since Microsoft certainly wants other office software to be able to read them.I highlighted all of the Open Office lines and got a message that they were all extracted.Then a window came up asking me where the program could be found. At any rate my Apache Open Office is not upgraded and I have no idea how to get the download into the current Open Office program.For all the latest updates to Open visit their website.

From what I have read there is not much difference between Open Office and Libre Office.

I have downloaded the Apache Open Office upgrade 4 times.

Once downloaded a window opens with lists asking me if I want to open a doc or extract it.

MS-Office can also open the file formats used by Open Office and Libre Office as well.

I normally save files out in the native format as this should preserve formatting.

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