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If you decide to get a visa-on-arrival, bring enough cash in Hryvnia, Euros or US Dollars.Bring more than one currency as there are reports of Euro or US Dollars not being accepted at certain times.

Use of landmines in and near the conflict zones makes any travel by vehicle or on foot near the frontline hazardous, even in areas that appear relatively peaceful.Fighting occurs regularly despite the signing of ceasefire agreements.These groups have threatened, detained and kidnapped – foreigners for hours or days.Several civilians have been killed or seriously injured by such weapons in Donetsk and Luhansk in recent years Crimea is not under Ukrainian Government control.Existing political tensions could turn to active conflict at any time.

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Ukraine introduced a visa-on-arrival scheme in 2016 for tourists, but some travellers have reported significant delays and uncertainty on arrival with this scheme, even when they have met the scheme conditions.