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But he was lonely, his life felt incomplete, and none of the Australian women he dated was prepared to commit herself to a more permanent relationship.

"I'm an accountant, 53-years-old, five feet ten inches, 96 kilos, good health, Australian born," he typed.

You just have to see if there is a physical attraction." Polyanskaya stayed in Perth for 10 days and at four o'clock one morning they both woke and Bosward asked her to marry him. The couple was married at Bosward's home on September 28. The icing on the wedding cake depicted the Russian and Australian flags. The Russian bride business has been booming in America since the mid 1990s.

She paused "I hadn't had time to think" but she said yes. "Since marrying Lena, we've gotten to know four or five other Australian/Russian couples guys pretty much my age, who've been married before and have found it very hard to get any Australian woman to marry us," says Bosward. In the past decade, according to Adams, as many as 10,000 American men have married Russian women.

Please let me know if you want to talk to me." "Wow. But it felt like the right thing to do and he reasoned it would be worth the airfare just to find out for sure if they had a future together.

I have a letter from Australian man," replied Polyanskaya, a 37-year-old accountant and divorced mother of two. "We both knew we were looking for partners," he says.

She is forced into a situation where she will be sexually used for a living.

There cannot be equality, and for some men this is actually terribly exciting." Vladimir Korovine, owner of the Melbourne-based au website, admits some of his clients might end up trapped in unhappy or abusive marriages.

But that is a private matter, he says, and not something he can, or believes he should, control.

"I live in Perth near the beach, have a degree in commerce, a son and a daughter. Keep writing." Two days later, on Valentine's Day 2002, Bosward sent Polyanskaya a bunch of red roses and offered to buy her a flight to Australia.

I've been divorced 10 years and I want to start again. He had read plenty of stories warning about internet scammers, so he knew that acting so hastily wasn't smart.

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