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Dating aquarius man win him back

He will treat you like a friend first, so be sure you enjoy his companionship.

This is someone with the upper limit of friends on social media, and there can be times when you feel one in the crowd.

The Aquarian motto is "take me as I am", and he rebels against those that set out to tame him.

Aqua man is friendly and big-hearted, but there's a sense that he's always just a bit out of reach.

He can seem "lost to you" at times, which is tough on more sensitive hearts. But if you're a big feeler and intense by nature, well, you'll be an awkward fit.

Many Aquarians are in committed relationships, but it's in their nature to engage with the many or to vanish by themselves. Be utterly fascinating and engaged in your own creations. Like other fixed signs, he tends to be a provocative tease, from behind a self-protective fortress.

He's got his own moral code, which might include other partners, so be sure you're on the same page.

I've known more than a few to be surprised to find their Aquarius had other "friends." For some that's just spreading the love around -- but if it's not your understanding, that leads to quite a shock.

Read a book, dance, play with your nieces and nephews, sing a song at the top of your lungs to a song on the radio, go to a beach, write in your journal, have a glass of wine, but most of all be comfortable in your skin. I turned off my phone and used another phone to contac A place for geminis to hang. And I just realized that gems na Aries: [Img]

He's born in the deep chill of winter, on the verge of Spring, and carries some of that icy cool with him.

He's lost in his thoughts or goes missing for days on end.

I dunno, I actually feel he feels something for you or he wouldn't have dumped you so suddenly, with that being said the ONLY way to get things rolling again is to let him go, do not initiate anymore contact with him not even for your things, DON'T MOVE TOWARDS HIM AT ALL, we Aqua's can appear cold but we also need space to allow our real feelings to catch up with us, I can't speak for all Aqua's but I can speak for myself because I've been in your situation.

I'm not saying hang on, I do suggest you move on as in put him behind you and get back into your own routine, get back into dating, go have fun and put Aqua on the back burner, give him 6 weeks, HE'LL BE BACK, if you do nothing, if you do not initiate contact he'll find his way back to you because here's the thing about not contacting a man that you think you may love and/or can see yourself in love with, if you initiate then it's like pushing your wants onto him which can create BAD FEELINGS, feelings that he'll associate with you which doesn't help you at all, if you can show him you respect his choice to move on you're actually HELPING your situation because allowing him to go is ATTRACTIVE, he associates those attractive feelings with you but contacting him because you need him and/or need to say what's on your mind breathes of desperation, I'm sure you're not desperate but it's your actions that can actually say something that's not true about you so in order for that to not happen DO NOTHING/SAY NOTHING.

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